A time for change

Autism spectrum focused parent/carer support group

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter and is a colourful time of the year. We chose to name our parent/carer support "The Autumn Group" as we feel it is a time for transition too, to  make a positive change to  the lives of other parents and carers by offering a support group that is established and solely managed by parents of children/young people affected by Autism Spectrum conditions. This means that the most important aspect of supporting others, Empathy, is inbuilt within us all here at The Autumn Group due to the fact our lives are similar to other parent/carers. Obviously, the first 3 letters of Autumn also play a part!

At The Autumn Group our aims are to provide:

  • Actively advocate for families for their interests and concerns.
  • Emotional and Empathetic support to parent/carers and other family members in caring roles, specifically in Autism and Asperger's, in a warm, friendly and confidential environment.
  • To provide advice in all areas of disability including benefits, education and carers rights.
  • Signposting parents/carers to other sectors passivity and appropriately to gain further practical or specific support.
  • Access to workshops that focus on gaining information, learning about Autism and other related conditions, Self Advocacy, Counselling, Stress Management and other activities.
  • To raise awareness regarding Autism Conditions to other sectors and the community.
  • Socialising, within the group sessions and also in the wider community.

The Autumn Group will work towards the aims above by:

  • Holding group sessions at carer/community based locations in Manchester on a regular basis, all sessions are run and managed by parent carers so have a real knowledge and in-depth understanding of all issues regarding caring for individuals affected with ASC and will offer a chance to socialise with others.
  • Group sessions will be organised in advance to provide events such as workshops and other activities.
    By working closely in partnership with other carer based organisations, charities and services we aim to provide an all round level of support to each individual parent or carer.
  • To attend carer and disability conferences to raise awareness of The Autumn Group but also Autism itself.
  • To organise socialising in the community, such as days and nights out, so parents/carers can have a well deserved break and a jolly good laugh! After all it is said, laughter is the best form of medicine!

All of the aims and activities are working towards positive outcomes and constructive impacts to families living with Autism and Aspergers. We aim to lessen stress and isolation, to empower parents/carers to become self advocates and to make parents and carers feel like individuals who are important as people they are!

The Statue stands in the garden
through the days,months,years
and seasons,
never ever changing

It comes in contact with rain,snow,
thunder and lightning
and still is as strong as ever

Its name is Autumn,
for I got it in the fall

Forever Autumn you will be rewarded
Once I am gone you will still
be strong and can be for other
generations to come

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