What our families say:-

"I would recommend The Autumn Group to any family who needs help and support or even just someone to talk to. When I first started attending I was struggling to understand everything that was going on and what it was that I needed to do, as well as my own health and family issues. Sue, Sue and Kaye helped me on a one to one basis as well as being there when I needed additional support. They invited me and my son onto the trips and events that they work so hard to provide and both me and my son have made some amazing friends who understand our situation and are able to continuously help and support us throughout our whole journey. The Whole group is friendly and supportive of each and every member as they have all been through similar journeys and support everyone regardless of the stage you are at. Recently The Autumn Group have started holding monthly 'Pamper Sessions' which is nice to spend some time with good friends having some well-deserved us time which every parent with a child or adult with additional needs knows. They have all become great friends and people I know I can turn to whenever I need support for me or my family.xx"


"Hi you three, I have not been a member of your group for very long, but I remember the first time I came and it was madness, as you were doing all pamper stuff for Sarah's wedding & I thought oh my it's crazy in here lol, but even though you were all busy getting ready for Sarah's wedding you found time to talk to me and made me feel welcome. That means a lot to us emotional mums who just want support, and I must say the times I have been to the group that is what you have always done, give me support and again that means a lot, so thank you, thanks Sue for all the lovely coffees you make and thanks Sue for Thursday for helping me with my form, which nobody has ever done for me before and not forgetting Kaye,  who on my first day made me feel so welcome, thank you. Sorry not seen you recently I know you have a lot of stuff going on at moment, so hopefully all your good work helping us will now help you. Best of luck. I will stop babbling now. Thank you. Xxx"


"Sue, sue and Kaye not only fantastic support but such lovely friends too what did we all do before you three I'm not great with words but wasn't in a very good place before I came to the group .. You have made me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel .. I have Lewis with aspergers Mia with learning and other  difficulties, cian with behavioural problems and also Ellie now with some problems too. The support and friendships I have made are second to none and my self and my children now have a safe place to go where they feel accepted by all .. I don't think you guys know how special to us families you are and would love to add that I and the kids have met lots of other friends we wouldn't have without this wonderful group. Love you girls from the bottom of my heart xxxx"


"My testament, I have two boys with autism and learning difficulties. The autumn group have been a godsend to me, they are there when you are struggling to accept your child's condition, and they guide and support you with the correct information. They arrange activities where you can take your child without anyone judging their behaviour. They fund courses that help parents support the daily challenges you face with a child with autism. The courses have helped me support my boy’s behavioural and sensory needs. The group has been a blessing to me and without their amazing support I would have had a break down , love you autumn angels xxxx"


"I think you are amazing because you support parents who are struggling and don't know where to turn. I have signed people to your group as I know how beneficial it is for them to speak and have contact with people who not only understand but who care. The great thing about the group is that you don't just help the children but the whole family. The information sessions are so important to parents and give them knowledge that they may never get anywhere else. And I think it’s so important to have the nights out for the parents as well as the activities for the kids."